About Bass Camera

What is the Bass Camera?

The Bass Camera is a website comes back to training the song across of video classes. In the Bass Camera the member can choose between a set of ten of video-classes, since the basic one to the expert for several kinds of bass guitars. Doesn’t matter the time or day the subscriber of the Bass Camera has access to all of the tutorials and stuff 24 hours daily, 7 days a week. All of the videos have its explanations and tablatures of objective and simple form that go help-him in its development and lead-him to an advanced level.

How did this start?

Due to big absence of this kind of stuff in the Internet the Bass Camera arose to fill the lack of the Internet user and student of music. We find now in days hundreds of sites that are going to teach you tricks that will play like Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci or Victor Wooten and everybody we know that is impossible, a person that never grabbed a bass for example, in 30 minutes play like those monsters on the bass. The training sets to music, doesn't matter the instrument, requires dedication and practice and the most important thing, a teacher.
In the Bass Camera you can watch your teacher online to hour that will want, in the day that desire.